Who We Are

Like the Suत्र - a “string/thread” we intend to weave the web of knowledge, skills and understanding amongst the learners without any distinctions. Our aim is to reach out to as many mothers, teachers, homemaker, professionals and everybody who wants to be involved in the child’s growing up as much as possible. “Empowerment” is what we are going to gift you with our professional development programs. These Professional development programs will provide you the opportunity and confidence to actually act upon your ideas and learnings. We are not here to train you to assess, but we are here to help you learn how to give & take feedbacks and do a qualitative analysis.

Our 360 degree learning program will empower you with an indepth knowledge of early childhood education, Montessori methods, learning environment set ups, lesson planning, skills to create own learning resources, storytelling techniques as means of developing language skills, familiarization with the famous Educationist, reflective teaching, individual teaching techniques and effective communication skills.

To be an effective educator one requires a combination of professional knowledge and specialized skills which we will be providing through our extensive course.

Come lets knit the web of lifelong learning with zeal and happiness for we hold the future in our hands!

Suत्र-is the learning thread