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It all began with my close interaction with teachers and mothers. Not a single conversation would go when they would have not wished for someone to help them in “trivial” things they would get stuck on. It is been these “Trivial” things I have been pondering on and thinking how to make them worthwhile moments. As a certified trainer I was always looking out for a good opportunity through which I could empower these friends and colleagues of mine through a good professional development Programme with the necessary skill. It was then I started my work on the 360 degree learning programme – Suत्र. Read More...

Courses Offered

Montessori Teacher Training - Diploma

This is a regular class room (6-9 months) course in International Montessori Teacher Training. For those wishing to work with or be in charge of Montessori house of children in the age-group of 3 to 6 years
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Nursery Teacher Training - Certification

Govt. Recognized NTT program in Noida where the course has been very meticulously designed; for we at Sutra the learning thread understand the core requirements by schools. NTT is an undergraduate course which deals with good preschool curriculum.
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For Students

Special courses for students in academics and interpersonal skills development

Student Counselling
Career Counselling

For Schools

Programs to help Schools & Institutions engage with Parents.

Montessori Workshops & Setup
Parent Engagement Programs
Get Job Offers From The Top Montessori Schools With The Right Training!

Other Programs

Industry and Career oriented programs in interpersonal skill development.

Spoken English
Trinity College London
Globally valid certificate with unique membership card from International Montessori Society - USA
DELHI NCR requires 5000+ Montessori trained teachers or preschool and Day care centers
70% Practical's and 30% Theoretical approach in Training
High quality content with flexible classes to suite your requirements

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Why choose us?


Our Montessori education programs are designed for people with busy lives. Almost all of our students continue to work full-time while they acquire their Montessori teaching diploma. Our students can successfully complete their diploma program with one hour study time per day, five days per week.


If you have researched other, Montessori Training Centers, you have already discovered that our quality and prices are unparalleled in the Montessori training industry.


Our Montessori teacher training program is very user-friendly and visually attractive. The course-ware contains both the theory and the practical Montessori tools are introduced in illustrations and its presentations explained in detail. Manuals are also discussed in detail.


Parents today insist that their children’s, childcare environments provide positive, simulative education as part of a balanced program. That is why Montessori-trained educators are in high demand worldwide. Our programs are recognized by Montessori schools everywhere, which are seeking well trained, professional Montessori educators.

We congratulate our first student to start an internship with
The Millenium School, Noida.

Current Happenings & Events

October 31, 2018

NTT Convocation May 2018 Batch

NTT Convocation May 2018 Batch
March 21, 2018

Convocation 1

Sutra the Learning Thread – is a premier institute that provides International Diploma in Montessori and Nursery Teacher program. And we at our institute groom and […]
July 23, 2018

Convocation 2

July 23, 2018

Workshops held at Sutra


August 30, 2017

“Mother & Toddler” Programme for 1-2 year old children

Sutra The learning Thread is back again with a Mother Toddler Program An Engaging and bonding time for Mommies and their Toddlers Easy peasy fun Activities […]
May 15, 2017

Mother’s Day Celebration (A mother toddler program)

Wow mummy we both get to print our hands, can’t wait to dip my hands.. Look whose hand print is Bigger… My hand print looks as […]
March 16, 2017
Things To Know Before Considering A Career As A Montessori Teacher

Things To Know Before Considering A Career As A Montessori Teacher

Confused with the different teacher training programs? Well if you want a respectful as well as a lucrative career then you should definitely opt for the […]
March 6, 2017
Get Job Offers From The Top Montessori Schools With The Right Training!

Get Job Offers From The Top Montessori Schools With The Right Training!

Wondering whether being a Montessori is teacher a smart career choice? Well, most experts feel that there is a huge demand for skilled teachers who can […]