Spoken English

Exclusive Program in Conversational English

Exclusive Program in Conversational English: Training will be conducted by – Experienced faculty with vast experience in Communication, (Speech, Voice and Accent) and Soft Skills Training .Workshop aim will be to develop Four Communication skills:

  • Reading - Reading for specific information, for the gist of the text, Paraphrasing, Specific content-related vocabulary
  • Writing - Writing short emails, Notes, Messages, Memos, Making requests, Asking for and giving information, How to cancel/make an appointment, Give instructions.
  • Listening - Listening for specific information, Gist of the text, Telephone etiquette.
  • Speaking - Introducing oneself, Answering questions about oneself and work, Speaking for one minute on a given topic, Discussing a given situation with a partner and reaching a conclusion, How to agree/disagree, express a preference, justify, give examples, sequencing, using connectors etc.

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