Our Story

This mantra sums up the essence and the meaning of being a teacher/guru.

It all began with my close interaction with teachers and mothers. Not a single conversation would go when they would have not wished for someone to help them in “trivial” things they would get stuck on. It is been these “Trivial” things I have been pondering on and thinking how to make them worthwhile moments. As a certified trainer I was always looking out for a good opportunity through which I could empower these friends and colleagues of mine through a good professional development Programme with the necessary skill. It was then I started my work on the 360 degree learning programme – Suत्र.

Under this Learning web - Suत्र we began the journey of training teachers by becoming the only study centre of IMTTI in the North. Via this programme methodology students/teachers /educators would spend a lot of time training and practicing lessons with materials that would give hands on experience to them. They would learn to recognize child’s readiness according to age, ability and interest and would be future ready to guide them in their individual progress.

Our aim is to spread awareness about the Montessori philosophy and methodology to all corners of the world and our endeavor is to instill in every teacher (and aspiring teacher) the Montessori guiding spirit.