NTT Program Overview

Nursery Teacher Training Training Program

Nursery Teacher Training (NTT)

Sutra the Learning thread now offers Govt. Recognized NTT program in Noida. The course has been very meticulously designed for we at Sutra the learning thread understand the core requirements by schools. NTT is an undergraduate course which deals with good preschool curriculum. Teachers here will be supported in:

  • Developing good communication skills
  • Knowledge of content developing
  • Understanding of appropriate curriculum
  • Creative skills of art & craft

We at our training Centre will be the first ones to introduce Microteaching technique during the teacher training session preparing them for a real classroom scenario. Through Microteaching, skill of presentation will help the novice teachers to learn the art of teaching at ease and to the maximum extent.

Along with NTT Training we will also be providing several workshops & orientation training for their our students to upgrade and enhance their skills.

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