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It all began with my close interaction with teachers and mothers. Not a single conversation would go when they would have not wished for someone to help them in “trivial” things they would get stuck on. It is been these “Trivial” things I have been pondering on and thinking how to make them worthwhile moments. As a certified trainer I was always looking out for a good opportunity through which I could empower these friends and colleagues of mine through a good professional development Programme with the necessary skill. It was then I started my work on the 360 degree learning programme – Suत्र. Read More...

Courses Offered

Montessori Teacher Training - Diploma

This is a regular class room (6-9 months) course in International Montessori Teacher Training. For those wishing to work with or be in charge of Montessori house of children in the age-group of 3 to 6 years
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Nursery Teacher Training - Certification

Govt. Recognized NTT program in Noida where the course has been very meticulously designed; for we at Sutra the learning thread understand the core requirements by schools. NTT is an undergraduate course which deals with good preschool curriculum.
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For Students

Special courses for students in academics and interpersonal skills development

Student Counselling
Career Counselling

For Schools

Programs to help Schools & Institutions engage with Parents.

Montessori Workshops & Setup
Parent Engagement Programs
Get Job Offers From The Top Montessori Schools With The Right Training!

Other Programs

Industry and Career oriented programs in interpersonal skill development.

Spoken English
Trinity College London
Globally valid certificate with unique membership card from International Montessori Society - USA
DELHI NCR requires 5000+ Montessori trained teachers or preschool and Day care centers
70% Practical's and 30% Theoretical approach in Training
High quality content with flexible classes to suite your requirements

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  • I have taken A lot of learning while doing Montessori course at Sutra The learning Thread… patience, looking at things from child’s perspective as why children behave in a certain way and how important is the adult’s role in their lives. During my internship which was arranged by the Institute, as a fresher all that I knew about teaching or guiding children was because of the Montessori course at Sutra The Learning Thread so I am looking forward to putting my knowledge in real life teaching. I will definitely recommend the institute to others!!
    Mrs. Pooja Sehgal
    (Teacher at genesis Global School)
  • I found the Montessori course, training sessions & all the event celebrations extremely helpful and excellent at Sutra. My most memorable moments were when we did the puppet show. The entire project was a learning experience wherein we made the puppets from scratch and knitted the story around them. I improved my Time management & observation skills immensely while studying here. Also, Sutra provided many real life opportunities while I went for my Internship.
    Mrs. Amrita Verma
    (Teacher At Ardee World School, Noida)
  • I think Sutra The Learning Thread was an experience I will never forget. It’s been a real journey. Taking the decision to do the Montessori course with a baby in my tummy and coming to talk to Gaura ma'am was a life changing one for me. My journey was that of an emotional one and my husband was instrumental in providing me that support I needed back home and Gaura ma'am you were the catalyst of my life who pushed me to move on with course. During the course I discovered so much in myself which I myself was not knowing. Once again thank you to Sutra The Learning thread for everything!
    Mrs. Ankita Bhatnagar
  • I loved studying at Sutra The Learning Thread. I did Montessori course and I learnt a lot. I enjoyed all the events and the classes but what I enjoyed most was working with the Montessori material most.
    Mrs. Sunita Bisht
    (Self-employed - Dubai)
  • My Overall experience in doing Montessori Diploma course was Excellent. Also,my experience at Sutra The Learning Thread was very good. It’s more of a practical knowledge than theoretical. We had very good workshops of Art &craft, importance of school environment., yoga etc. Sutra caters overall grooming and not just academic part. Sutra gave us chance to perform on stage, taking part in drama, speak in front of a gathering. Everything is well planned and systematic at Sutra. I have already recommended Sutra the Learning Thread courses to my neighbours and friends and would continue doing so in future as well.
    Mrs. Swati Singh
    (Teacher at Gyanshree, Noida)
  • In my point of view Sutra is a very good institution for learning and doing N.T.T I have learnt to be active, hardworking and creative teacher. I have improved in art and craft after joining this institute. I love my institute and all my faculties. I will never forget this institute as I have become punctual, gained knowledge, I have learnt ways to make interesting lesson plans and do creative art work. Some lighter unforgettable moments that will live with me are the rhymes times, outdoor & indoor activities, birthday parties and lunch outings. Thank you ma’am for giving me this opportunity.
    Mrs. Ragini Khushwaha
  • When I took admission at Sutra the learning thread I lacked confidence BUT TODAY I can see the change .I am thankful to my faculty and to our Director for providing me a learning platform and giving us a loving & a caring environment during my training tenure.
    Mrs. Lakshmi Kumari
  • First ,I would like to thank Gaura ma’am to give me this opportunity to train my self in NTT.I have learnt many things in my one year training period. I have learnt how to express ideas, better creative skills, time management & life lessons. Here at the institute I am always encouraged to do something in life and achieve my life goals.I love the caring environment here. Also, I made many threadian friends who are a part of my memorable journey. I loved participating in all the events for I had forgotten I could act or win a competition after becoming a mother as well!
    Mrs. Amrita Singh
  • When I came to Sutra I had no teaching experience. I learnt basics of how to talk, behave , dress and handle work pressure. My memorable moments have been participating actively in events and plays as I relived my school days. As a Threadian I have learnt to be active and well prepared for my teaching. At Sutra we wrote lesson plans which gave me very good insight to planned teaching process with appropriate teaching aids and I am hoping to be a good & a loving teacher!!
    Mrs. Renu Chauhan
    (Asst.Teacher Montanna Pre school, Noida)
  • Overall experience at Sutra has been joyful and a learning one for me . We work collaboratively at the institute for various events and lessons in groups which helps me understand different personalities and talents. I feel this is very important in life . N.T.T course at Sutra has given me good theoretical and practical knowledge of a child psychology. As a mother of a young child I have learnt nuances of handling young child. Guest lectures were very helpful and threw light on different aspects of child’s development. Overall a Beautiful Experience at Sutra The Learning Thread.
    Mrs. Shalini Puneet
  • I really appreciate Sutra The Learning Thread from my heart and really feel proud being part of Sutra family. I could not believe that I could be in such a position where I can understand teaching processes, prepare teaching aids, make creative boards & lesson plans. Now after completing NTT I understand what are teachers responsibilities and am very happy with my new learnings.
    Mrs. Ambia Sultana
    (Assistant Teacher Montanna Pre School)
  • It was wonderful experience being a part of Sutra as the faculty understands you and your capabilities and they work for those. Nowhere I have seen that people take so much of pains for their students to learn. As a Threadian I have brushed up all my art & craft skills and have relived my school & college days which brought a lot of freshness in my life. Thank you for helping me to understand more about myself and my capabilities.
    Mrs. Nitika Jain
  • As a threadian my overall experience was very joyful and fantastic. Everytime I came for a class it was a new experience for me. Faculties are experienced and cooperative. Every session was new for me and I learnt different techniques of teaching like play way method and Montessori method .We have learnt different rhymes ,ways to maintain discipline in class ,techniques of art & craft and lesson plan making. My memorable moments were special events celebrated ; Lovable moments-Celebrations of birthdays of trainees . And Lighter moments: activity days and practical days are the lighter days for me.
    Mrs. Tanvi Kumari
  • After joining Sutra The Learning Thread I see so many changes in myself. I have changed two schools before starting this course. Classes here gave me knowledge about the child psychology, how to handle young students with love and care. I build my confidence while studying here for which I thank my faculty & director for being strict as well-being loving during my NTT training period without which I would not have learnt so much about early years, time management as well about professional life. Sutra is the Best Institution to take training for a teacher and build confidence.
    Mrs. Gyan Singh
  • As a Threadian my overall experience at Sutra The Learning Thread- was excellent. As a teacher trainee I have learnt about working with perfection, punctuality, collaborative work ,management skill and most importantly I have learnt to be lifelong learner. There are many memorable moments in Sutra which delight me when I look back. Few of them I would like to mention are Independence day celebration, Janamashtmi celebration, World Tourism Day, thali making competition when I won the first prize, convocation of our senior batch when I performed my favourite dance number .Last but the most awaited moment my convocation when I got Diploma that was AMAZING !!
    Mrs. Sharda Pushp
    (Montessori Trained)
  • My overall experience as a Teacher trainee was good at Sutra! I am very thankful to my Director (Mrs. Gaura Sethi) for providing me such a good opportunity as a fresher.
    Mrs. Archana Sharma
    (Teacher At The Millenium School, Noida)
  • It's was a great opportunity to be a part of Sutra, Sutra is different from others. I have learnt so many things and the way of teaching NTT is also very different from other institution's. The environment was very friendly which made studies easy for me. I will definitely recommend my friends & family members to study here as they will learn something new in different way. Thank you so much Gaura ma'am for giving an opportunity It was a great experience to be a part of Sutra family..
    Ms. Artee Gautam
    (Teacher at Euro Kids)
  • I completed my NTT course along with participating in many events conducted at Sutra The Learning Thread. We even were taken outdoors for microteaching. I had a good experience in learning and understanding new teaching methods. My overall experience was very good. I will recommend my friend as well as family member to study NTT or Montessori from here.
    Mrs. Tapasini Sahoo
    (Assistant Teacher at The Banyan, HCL, Noida)
  • It was my pleasure to be a part of Sutra"The learning thread". It was a great experience to be a teacher trainee. I've learnt many things related to teaching like making lesson plans, teaching aids and art and craft work .At Sutra we were taught differently as compared to other institutes. Activity based teaching made studying NTT easy for me. My overall experience was very good . I also went for Internship for a month to The Millenium School Noida which helped me understand how the schools work. I was motivated throughout my course by my faculty and Director ma'am Mrs.Gaura sethi. I recommend and will always recommend my friends and family to study here. Thank you so much ma'am for giving an opportunity to me.
    Ms. Twinkle Sharma

We congratulate our first student to start an internship with
The Millenium School, Noida.

Current Happenings & Events

July 23, 2018

Practical Session

July 23, 2018

Giving Back to the Community

October 14, 2017

Theatre performance Of Ramayana at an NGO in Noida

Ramlila- a playful drama about Rama was performed by our teacher trainees for young audience of age group 3 to 8 years of Vatsalyam, Noida. The […]
July 23, 2018

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Why choose us?


Our Montessori education programs are designed for people with busy lives. Almost all of our students continue to work full-time while they acquire their Montessori teaching diploma. Our students can successfully complete their diploma program with one hour study time per day, five days per week.


If you have researched other, Montessori Training Centers, you have already discovered that our quality and prices are unparalleled in the Montessori training industry.


Our Montessori teacher training program is very user-friendly and visually attractive. The course-ware contains both the theory and the practical Montessori tools are introduced in illustrations and its presentations explained in detail. Manuals are also discussed in detail.


Parents today insist that their children’s, childcare environments provide positive, simulative education as part of a balanced program. That is why Montessori-trained educators are in high demand worldwide. Our programs are recognized by Montessori schools everywhere, which are seeking well trained, professional Montessori educators.


February 19, 2017

A Puppet Show on Valentines Day Celebration with children of NGO Vatsalyam

“The Best Thing to hold on to in life is Each other” and yes that’s what we did at Sutra the learning thread we celebrated the […]
February 15, 2017

How a teacher training institute helps women in building career as Montessori Teacher

Few Reasons Why You Need To Enroll With The Montessori Teacher Training Institutes Over the past few years, there has been a steady growth in the […]
January 31, 2017

Transform Your Life With A Certified Montessori Training Course

If you are thinking of being a teacher then it is highly likely that Montessori training programs have crossed your mind. Well if you want to […]
January 31, 2017

Republic Day – Art Competition

Saffron white and green! Yes, those were the colors of the day on 26th January 2017.Republic Day was celebrated by Sutra The learning Thread in a […]