Things To Know Before Considering A Career As A Montessori Teacher
Things To Know Before Considering A Career As A Montessori Teacher
March 16, 2017
Montessori Workshop for Parents & Students – Learning through Senses
April 11, 2017

Holi Celebration 2017

Holi which is known as the festivals of colors in India is also referred to as a festival of love and compassion. Holi is typically marked by splashing colors and water on friends and family. It’s a spring and colorful festival and perhaps the most happiest festival for the people of India.

At Suत्र-The Learning Thread , we decided to celebrate Holi in a new and modern way, where there is no wastage of water and no exposure to harmful colors but Learning, sharing new ideas and creating friendships and love , simply with “The Montessori way ”.

The celebration took place on 7th March in the institute campus outdoors.

REMEMBER anything that’s unusual remains in our mind FOREVER !!

The event started with all the participants come in with a colourful mood. Who were after the chandan tikka ceremony welcomed by the Director, Ms. Gaura Sethi who reiterated the need for a women to not to simply believe that she has the strength but that she needs to live and act on it.She shared a beautiful anecdote to motivate the group to think more open mindedly and remove the shells around themselves and feel the power within themselves-power to be what they always wanted to be!!

Post the speech participants performed their activities the Montessori way.
So let’s take you through the cycle of events as they happened and their significance:

Welcoming the Students and Guests

Applying Chandan Tikka on their Forehead ( by applying chandan tikka between the two eye brows the concentration and focus level increases , it releases Stress )

Hand Printing with colors

Dipping the fist on the pool of color and printing it on a colored sheet of paper.
(hand printing strengthens the hand muscles and also helps in the development of fine motor skills. It also stimulates the senses- sight, touch and smell)

Picture Card Story Telling of the Festival of Holi.

Story cards of the story of “Why Holi is celebrated” are presented one by one on the mat
(We all must know being Indians that why Holi is celebrated. Also this activity increases our imagination and vocabulary)

Sorting Pebbles and Pom pom balls according to their color.

Three different jars with three different color coded ribbons are placed and the pebbles and pom poms are sorted with a tong according to the color of the ribbons on the jar. Water is filled to see the concept of SINK and FLOAT.

( Sorting increases the logical reasoning in the child .It also develops the fine motor skills as the child uses his writing fingers to hold the tong. Names of colors are emphasized to increase the language of the child. The concept of Sink and Float increases the childs imagination and prepares him for Science).

Pricking Color water balloons on the Canvas

On a canvas 15- 20 color filled balloons are pasted, the balloons are randomly pricked by any sharp object and color splashes on the canvas later making beautiful colorful patterns on the canvas.
(Pricking of the balloons helps in developing fine motor skills as writing fingers are used to do the action. The colorful pattern created on the canvas increases the child’s imagination and it also develops the sense for art appreciation. The canvas can be kept as a memoir for life as the child’s Holi painting)

Making a moisturizer at Home

By mixing gylcerine, rosewater and lemon juice, homemade moisturizer is created and kept in the spray bottle.
( It’s a self- care activity where if the child’s skin is rough due to weather change or by playing with holi colors, homemade moisturizer can be used with no side effects . . This activity develops the sense of care for child himself. It also stimulated the senses – smell, sight and touch. Making Homemade Colors can also be done as an activity).

The event culminated with lots of learning by doing and everyone received a Holi gift basket of organic colors, pack of Tessu flowers to make organic water color and Glycerin bottles prepared by them.

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